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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trending in Real Estate Today

Considering a move?  There is no time like the present!   After several years of less than optimum sales conditions, the switch has been flipped.  FINALLY!!   Inventory is at an all time low and buyers are everywhere, with nothing to purchase.

What does this mean to a seller?  Not only will you get showings, but you should expect to see offers on your property.  And, depending on your location, you may be lucky enough to get to choose which offer you want to work with.

There are still things to do though to get your home ready to sell, remember, it is still a ” beauty contest”.  Make certain your home is presented in the very best way possible.  Reduce clutter, paint in today’s color palette, make those little improvements you have been thinking about,  and consider hiring a professional stager. 

We are in our Spring market.  Don’t miss it!  Take advantage of the best market conditions we have had in years. If you do decide to take advantage of the 2013 Spring Market to sell your home, please consider me as your real estate agent! Call me and set up an appointment today! (414)350-6358

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